Take your team’s brand solution capability to new heights.

CAAP is the Canadian communication and advertising industry’s most intensive skill-building certification program and the only professional strategic planning credential endorsed by the industry. The Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA) oversees management of the CAAP programming credential on behalf of the Canadian industry.

The program hones problem solving skills with sharp focus on client success and cracking even the toughest business challenges. CAAP results in better insights and smarter, more innovative business solutions. Even one CAAP grad can make your entire team stronger.

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Get the most out of your people investment.

CAAP is a flexible program, offering you and your staff choice in how far to take the investment in skill development – from a single skill boost using the CAAP Select course option, to investing in an extensive skill advancement using the CAAP Accreditation option.

Studies by ANA/Millward Brown have found a direct correlation between developing staff capabilities and business success - including revenue growth, brand health, and marketing ROI.”
Rachel Feldman,
Association of National Advertisers
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Help your key people perform at their best

Many employers use CAAP as a professional development incentive to help grow and retain top performers. It can make a big difference by helping your key people stay on top of their game.

CAAP courses use current real-world case studies to embed new thinking skills in a highly practical context. Sessions are immersive, hands-on and in person, led by game-changing industry professionals.

Toronto CAAP Curriculum
West CAAP Curriculum
The CAAP Select Skills summary:
  1. The ability to SEE: Defining the business challenge.
  2. The skill to SOLVE: Shaping creative strategy and briefs.
  3. The confidence to CREATE: Being an “ideas” person.
  4. The ability to PLAN: Connecting with consumers.
  5. The skill to BRAND: Creating branded experience.
  6. The confidence to ARCHITECT: Shaping message delivery.


WHAT are the key benefits to my business of investing in CAAP?

The key benefit of investing in CAAP is that your organization will be more resilient in facing a world of disrupted business because your key staff is better able to interpret and act on the business and branding stress signs earlier. Whether you are a marketing or agency executive your business will be stronger because your people are better able to solve the complex branded business challenges your organization is increasingly facing.

You can believe this promise because in addition to knowing that there is a proven correlation between developing staff capabilities and business success (ANA/MillwardBrown/March 1, 2015) here are three key highlights of what makes CAAP learning so powerful:

  • CAAP focuses on delivering applied learning outcomes. Each skill developed in the CAAP program is taught using real world case scenarios (updated regularly) and then practiced, and practiced again with feedback on performance to help embed the learning.
  • CAAP instructors are highly engaged and competent branding consultants in their own right and are carefully selected and coached to provide exceptional participant experience and consistent learning outcomes.
  • CAAP provides a means to bring the learning back onto the job. Each CAAP participant is given the opportunity to involve their managers in the CAAP mentorship service which helps engage staff in jointly looking for opportunities for on-the-job application of new learning.  This kind of overt management engagement in turn helps CAAP participants and your organization set up for success.
WHAT do others say about CAAP?

Employers tell us that the experience of CAAP transforms employee performance and makes it possible to advance their responsibilities that much sooner.  Here are some first person endorsements:


“We are big believers in upgrading the strategic skill set of our people using the CAAP program. It sharpens problem solving, big picture thinking and team effectiveness under pressure.”
Alvin Wasserman, President
Wasserman & Partners, Vancouver
“In this business, people are everything. They’re the fuel that drives results.  CAAP has played
a key role in helping our people create better, stronger solutions for clients.”
Ken Christoffel, President/CEO
Brown Communications Group, Regina
“The CAAP program has made an important contribution to building our internal brand planning skills and enabling our team to provide strategic insight to our internal clients. I am really pleased we made the investment.”
Mark Szabo, Director Marketing & Communications
Bow Valley College
WHAT does the CAAP program cost?

The CAAP investment cost depends on two things – which program you choose and whether your organization is a member of the Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA)*.

CAAP Toronto program pricing

CAAP West program pricing

* Only Canadian Advertising & Communications Agencies are eligible to become members of ICA.

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WHERE can I learn more?

Two ways to learn more:

WHO can I talk to?
Suzanne Filiatrault ICA Director, Talent development 1-800-567-7422 X 227 Email